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Sarah has been a speaker, trainer, and Bible teacher for the last 25 years. Not only has she shared her love of Jesus with others, but she has spoken on marriage and parenting, traveling the world, training family professionals. She has spoken in 20 states, 4 countries, and 28 US Navy and Army bases and installations.

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Sarah teaches about the lies that we often fall victim to when going through difficult times.

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Sarah speaking on the name El Shaddai, a name with which many women can identify.

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Sarah learns the importance of hearing stories of other people’s interactions with God.

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Sarah speaks on how viewing God as our Midwife can carry us through difficulty.

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Why did Jesus weep when He met up with Mary after the death of Lazarus?


  Jesus, the Ultimate Ladies’ Man  Jesus loved and respected women. His approach was radical..revolutionary, even…and the women who knew Him played a pivotal role in building His kingdom. Based on her book, Sarah speaks on Jesus’ interactions with 10 different women in Scripture.

The Names of God  In ancient times, a name defined the character and future of a person, so when God revealed Himself to His people, He was telling them Who He is. Daniel 11:32b tells us that the people who know their God will display strength and take action. 

 When Tragedy Strikes  What you are doing today can radically impact your ability to thrive when the inevitable challenges of life hit. Sarah shares the habits she developed that allowed her to cope with a cancer diagnosis.

 Parenting with Grace and Peace   As a recovering “screaming mom,” Sarah shares insights she has learned that will enable you to be the mom or dad you want to be. Rather than being the parent who flies off the handle or the one who gives the silent treatment, you can learn how to manage your own behavior so that your kids will admire you and actually want to be with you!

The Dance of Marriage  Marriage isn’t easy. (Can I get an amen?) Yet it is the most powerful relationship and the one that even the most wounded among us craves. Sarah shares principles that can empower you to grow in understanding, compassion, and transparency in your marriage. 

What people are saying:

I was so amazed how God was using you. And how open and honest you were. How real. I took crazy notes. I listened like my life depended on it. I recaptured. I refocused. I regrouped. You taught wonderfully and thoroughly and soundly. The seeds God used you to plant are still bearing fruit in my life to this day.  ~Christina Abts, Grace Community Church Women’s Retreat Attendee, Riverside, California

Sarah is an excellent speaker! Her presentation to my Marriage and Family Therapy classes were interesting, practical, and professional. Her speaking style is personal and warm and she has a gift to communicate difficult concepts with ease.   ~ Dr. Amanda Blackburn, Dean of Students, Richmont Graduate University


I have listened to probably hundreds of Bible lessons over the years but never seem to walk away with any real knowledge or understanding. Until hearing you speak. Both occasions I came home telling my husband all about the lessons and the meanings of things. You are an amazing speaker, teacher and very inspiring!! I can’t wait until next month and would love to hear you at other events as well!  ~ Joni Louise Schardien,  Mommies Monthly attendee, Loganville, GA

You were an informed, kind, warm, relatable, and sincere speaker. Thank you!   ~Susan Sferra, Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist

Thank you, Sarah, for your cheerful and honest teaching.  ~Mickey, Parenting Training

The best training I have ever been to. Thank you and God bless.   ~Brian, Marriage and Parenting Training

Bring Sarah to your event