Hey, I’m Sarah. Here’s a brief snapshot of who I am:

Wife and Mom. Southern girl meets California boy and 27 years later we are enjoying our three young adults in the ‘burbs. Baseball, soccer, and football have consumed much of our time, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Speaker/Writer/Bible Teacher. I was about 8 years old the first time I taught a Bible class. It wasn’t planned exactly; I was more of a substitute teacher since another little girl got sick and the teacher left to handle the matter. I was put in charge and found a love that hasn’t disappointed. My passion to teach God’s Word, especially to women, is deep and has manifested itself in teaching Bible studies for over 30 years, speaking at retreats, and even writing Bible studies as well as a book on Jesus’ love of women–Jesus, the Ultimate Ladies’ Man.

Word Girl. I find words fascinating: the meanings of words, the turn of a phrase, or a play on words. I love researching the original Hebrew and Greek words used in Scripture. For me, it clarifies and reveals an understanding that English lacks.

Traveler. For many years, I had the opportunity to travel around the world, speaking about marriage and parenting. As I’ve visited Europe, Mexico, Alaska, and Hawaii, this has sparked in me a new love for traveling, exploring cultures, learning history, eating different foods, and meeting the local folks. I’m not sure I’ll ever want to settle for my own little slice of the world again.

Baker and Consumer of Sweets. From wedding cakes to homemade snickers, I love to bake and consider myself a connoisseur of fine chocolate chip cookies. In fact, I considered my job as mom well done when I had trained my three kids to bake the perfect cookie. So, basically I’m your go-to girl for desserts at your next potluck.

Lover of Before & Afters. I’m addicted to everything related to renovations on HGTV because there’s really nothing better than seeing a junked up place transformed into a beautiful dwelling. That’s probably why I also love to repaint furniture–like the cat-pee-soaked 1960’s baby blue dresser that I converted into an elegant black dining room buffet. I see God as the ultimate Fixer Upper, as He’s taken my (sometimes) junky life and renewed and redeemed it into something beautiful.

A Comedian’s Best Friend. I absolutely love to laugh and love surrounding myself with funny people. If you’re my friend, it’s probably because you’re at least a little funny…in a good way! I want to be someone who finds the humor in a situation, can laugh at herself, and can avoid laughing at inappropriate times (like in church…when it’s not supposed to be funny…not that I’ve ever done that).

Follower of Jesus. I’ve been in love with Jesus since I was a little girl, but the older I get, the more He intrigues me. From the way He treats messed up people to the way He asks profound questions–walking with Him is never boring. I love Him more after 40+ years and have found such peace and encouragement from knowing Him. If you don’t know Him, I hope you’ll stick around to see that He loves you more than you thought possible.

That’s the personal me. If you’re curious about the “academic and professional” me, click here.

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