Jesus, the Ultimate Ladies’ Man

Come on a journey back in time and meet Jesus, the Ultimate Ladies’ Man! This captivating book sheds light on ten powerful stories that reveal Jesus’ deep regard for women. From the sinful woman who anointed Jesus’ feet to the two sisters grieving the death of their brother, each story showcases Jesus’ unwavering commitment to treating women with dignity, compassion, and respect. 

Jesus, the Ultimate Ladies' Man book cover

In a society where women were often marginalized and their voices diminished, Jesus stood as a shining example of honor and love.

Readers can expect to …

  • Learn about the culture into which Jesus was born and how His radical nature upset long-held traditions.
  • Dive deep into ten extraordinary encounters that Jesus had with women from all walks of life—old, young, poor, desperate, sick, and drowning in sin.
  • Uncover the truth about the impact Jesus’ influence had on the status of women as Christianity spread throughout the world.
  • Gain a fresh perspective on how Jesus’ treatment of women can change your own life.

Jesus was a revolutionary in every sense of the word—especially in the way He treated women! Whether you are a devoted Christian seeking a deeper understanding of Jesus’ teachings or an individual interested in exploring the timeless wisdom of one of history’s most influential figures, Jesus, the Ultimate Ladies’ Man offers a unique and inspiring perspective. It invites readers to reimagine and appreciate the far-reaching impact of Jesus’ love and respect for women. 

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2 thoughts on “Jesus, the Ultimate Ladies’ Man

  1. Hi Sarah, my mother, Winnie, is a good friend of your moms. She has read your book, loved it, and now I’m going to read it with my book group. I’m wondering if you might have one or two questions that would go along with each woman covered in the book that would help me lead our discussion?

    1. Hey Debbie! Yes, my mom has told me about your mom! I’m so glad she loved the book and I hope you and your group do as well. I do plan to create a companion workbook at some point. 🙂 I have some discussion questions for a few chapters. I am happy to send them to you.

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